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The centre team is made up of a medical director backed up by three chief clinicians and two administrative assistants.

The centre's activities are monitored and coordinated by its management team as laid down in the Foundation bylaws. Management carry out quality control assessments on the specialist reports drawn up and guarantee that these are forwarded within two months of receiving the mandate, with a view to reducing the waiting times of the insured to the minimum.

The collaboration between the centre and the Canton Ticino AI Office is subject to a specific agreement, which is renewed on an annual basis. This governs the relationships between the two institutions and lays down the minimum number of specialist examinations to be carried out, the remuneration criteria and the report preparation times, among other factors.

Collaboration between the centre and other insurers may be based on the ordinary Tarmed tariffs or subject to a specific agreement.

The centre receives all the requests for specialist mono-disciplinary examinations from the Canton Ticino AI Office at regular intervals and allocates the work to its internal and outside specialists in fair proportion, in accordance with the availability of the medical personnel.

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